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Back-2-Basics in business2business

Mena, polk county Arkansas

Business Networking

Empowering the Foundation First.


Networking is not all about the exchanging of business cards. the core of Back2Basics is that We encourage our members to build a relationship before ever speaking about business.



B2B Networking Mena brings “Business Back to Basics, in Mena, Polk County Arkansas”.

W e support one another through our educational sessions, one on one’s, and through our mentoring programs. We believe that together we can build stronger brand recognition for our members through awareness and natural referral systems based on trust and friendship.

Become a member!

A vibrant group of success-oriented business people. We will not be in competition with other groups, clubs or organizations. We are dedicated to increasing our business success through knowledge and support of each other.



No Obligation to Refer

Our group is comprised of a variety of businesses, which we limit to two businesses from the same industry.

Coming to the meetings doesn’t entitle you to referrals. You have to earn them. It’s up to you to educate and build trust with others. It’s up to you to set up the one-to-ones. This is how we will bring business networking back to the basics.

B2B Membership will continue to grow every year with 2018 expected to be a great start for Mena networking.

Send us an email with the form below.
Make an effort to attend our Bi-Monthly meetings.
Be proud and bring a friend.
Benefits & Affiliations
B2B provides valuable member benefits while continually striving to strengthen and develop individual and business needs.

Through membership in the B2B Networking Mena, you will have the opportunity to gain exposure and brand awareness for your business at networking events, participate in community projects with our partner organizations, and partake in the  social functions that B2B Mena are apart of.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Back to Basics Networking Mena (B2B)?
Back to Basics Mena is promoting a positive and informed business environment for its members to achieve cultural, civic, social, economic, and business goals, and actively contribute to the vitality of the greater Polk County community. B2B Mena offers a variety of networking, educational, community service and social opportunities. B2B Mena is a private, membership-based organization.

How do I become a member of B2B Mena?
Joining the B2B Networking Mena is easy! Simply complete our online membership application or call our Founder, Victoria D ieterle, directly at (772) – seven, seven, seven – 9638.

What are the dues? Are dues tax deductible?
The membership is free to attend. There will be a small fee to be advertised on this site or to be a sponsor.

Where do the B2B meetings take place?
We are a networking group and will have different locations meeting at a scheduled date and time. This will also help promote business who will offer there space for us to meet. Please view the schedules on the their prospective pages.

How can I update my profile on the B2B Brevard website?
Request a form from Victoria. More option will be available soon.

How can I look up other B2B Mena members?
You can look up B2B members by going to the membership directory.

How can I find a comprehensive list of upcoming B2B Mena events?
Click here to view the B2B’s event page .

What sponsorship opportunities are available?
Sponsorship of B2B events is a great way to market your company and its products or services to a targeted audience of community and business leaders as well as consumers. Contact Victoria for additional information on how your business can benefit from becoming a B2B Networking Mena sponsor.


Members are regularly contacted with updateS on all events, including Business Breakfasts, Luncheons, Seminars and Networking Nights.

Get involved in the B2B Networking Mena to build your business and develop relationships with members from a wide variety of business backgrounds.


B2B Networking Mena is not for profit. We are an private members organization promoting a positive and informed business environment for its members; to achieve a foundation in friendship, partnership and social camaraderie while enhancing business growth through personal networking and trust.


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