Expert Witness Commercial Retail & Shopping Center Consultant

George Richard "Dick" Hanor

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The Hanor Group, LLC

Expert Witness & Retail Commercial Consultant

Assisting national developers, retailers and major landowners in the development & redevelopment of shopping centers.


As an expert witness, with his proficient special knowledge, Dick may consult and testify on issues involving retail stores like shopping malls, shopping centers or department stores.

Expert Witness Commercial Retail & Shopping Center Consultant
Mr. Hanor has over fifty years of experience in developing, redeveloping, operating and managing retail stores, shopping centers, lifestyle centers and more.

Specifically, he has decades of experience with reciprocal easement agreements, ground leases, reciprocal operating agreements, shopping center development, redevelopment, operations, leasing, construction, research, design and development, mixed-use projects, property and lease negotiations, leasehold valuations, trade-area analysis and location strategy, purchase or sale of shopping centers and/or retail companies, due diligence services for investors and developers, expansion or contraction strategies for retailers, and expert witness testimony.

His skills include knowlege and understanding of; but is not limited to the following …
  • Leases for the occupancy of space
  • Ground leases for the occupancy of land parcels
  • Construction of all aspects of retail facilities
  • Operating agreements for the operation of shopping centers, etc.
  • Land deals for purchase or lease
  • Wrongful injury or death in the operation of retail stores or shopping centers
  • Parking necessary for the proper operation of ideal stores or shopping centers.
  • Revitalization of retail and shopping center spaces
  • All aspects of due diligence that must be accomplished for development
  • Tenant disputes
  • Feasibility analysis for retail development
  • Common areas that must be provided for the proper operation of retail development
  • Restrictive covenants that might be provided for the proper operations of retail operations
  • Anchors for proper operations of retail facilities
  • Purchases of land or stores for retail operation
  • Valuation of stores or land for retail use or reuse
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants or third parties
  • Department of other anchors for proper operation of shopping centers
  • Reciprocal easement agreements between all occupants of shopping centers


Expert witness shopping-center consultant may consult and/or testify on issues involving retail stores, shopping malls and centers, department stores, etc
  1.  PresidentThe Hanor Group LLC
  2. Executive VPLeonard L. Farber (Regional Mall Developer)
  3. Corporate VPFederated Department Stores, Inc
  4. R.E. Manager F.W. Woolworth Company

Mr. Hanor worked at Federated Department Stores of Cincinnati, Ohio, as Vice President of Real Estate for the entire nation, which required management of regional offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, Cincinnati, and New York City, as well as the creation of new stores and many large regional malls across the country.

Later, Mr. Hanor became Executive Vice President of The Leonard Farber Companies of Pompano Beach, the premier regional mall developer in Florida, where he was responsible for all corporate retail real estate developments. While with The Farber Company, The Galleria Mall in Ft. Lauderdale was opened.

Subsequently Mr. Hanor created The Hanor Group LLC of Vero Beach, Florida, which has been instrumental in creating major retail real estate developments and advising major department stores and others with regard to site selection and negotiations. Mr. Hanor has become the leading retail real estate consultant in Florida. Major retail clients have included Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Dillard’s and many small tenants.



Retained by the McArthur Foundation to create a new downtown for the north end of Palm Beach County, Florida. A large regional mall was to be the main component of the development. Approximately 600 acres was identified, including 125 acres for the mall. Since the Foundation holdings in Northern Palm Beach County were so large other developers could not create a competing development.

Mr. Hanor’s idea was to create a competition among all the nations’ qualified developers. He created a site plan, obtained all the necessary entitlements and obtained Letters of Interest from all the necessary department stores (5). This resulted in the selection of a very well qualified developer. A ground lease was created and negotiated.

It is a seventy year ground lease with three rental features – a minimum rent based on a 10% return of the then current value of the land plus percentage rent on all gross rents of the mall small tenants. In addition, if the mall was sold or refinanced during the term of the ground lease or from time to time the Foundation would collect 25% of the net proceeds. This describes the basic facts surrounding the creation of The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens.

  2. Represented Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Mayors Jewelers, and Maus and Hoffman
  3. Sold over 400 million dollars of department store space
  4. Worked with George Moore, retired chairman of CitiBank, on several commercial projects in the vicinity of Marbella, Spain
  5. Served on ICSC and Urban Land Institute panels
  6. Participant, (including speaker) in numerous shopping centers, city and urban planning and mortgage banking meetings

Has had major responsibilities in the development of over 30 million square feet of retail space, including the following Regional Shopping Centers and other free-standing department stores throughout the United States as follows:

Town Center – Boca Raton

The Galleria – Ft. Lauderdale

The Gardens of the Palm Beaches – Palm Beach Gardens

White Flint Mall – Bethesda

Chestnut Hill Mall – Newton

Paramus Park – Paramus

Woodbridge Mall – Woodbridge

Riverside Square – Hackensack

Hickory Ridge Mall – Memphis

Oak Court – Memphis

Red Bird Mall – Dallas

Six Flags Mall – Dallas

Almeda Mall – Houston

Greenspoint Mall – Houston

Northwest Mall – Houston

Collin Creek Mall – Dallas


International Council of Shopping Centers

  • Participating member and served on many panels over a twenty-five year period

Urban Land Institute

  • Past member of Urban Development/Mixed-Use Council and Panel Advisory Committee
  • Past member of Commercial and Retail Development Council and Research Committee








As an expert witness, with his proficient special knowledge, Mr. Hanor may consult and testify on issues involving retail stores like shopping malls, shopping centers or department stores. These are some of his cases.

Los Angeles. California (Hay v LaCienega Partners - Taubman). Beverly Center.

This concerned an interpretation of a ground lease. The case was won.

Baltimore, Maryland (Macht v Macht).

This was a dispute regarding the management of over 20 shopping centers. The case was won.

Fairfax County, Virginia (Nash v Day).

This was an inter-family dispute concerning the management and leasing level of a shopping center. The case was won.

New York, New York. The Goodman family (owner of Bergdorf Goodman's Building) v. Nieman Marcus (the owner of Bergdorf's).

Dispute was that Neiman’s wanted to bid on the purchase of the Saks Store on Fifth Avenue which was not allowed under the lease. I negotiated settlement.

Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County, Florida.

I was called to testify on the feasibility of developing a particular parcel of land as a shopping center. The case was won.

Dade County, Florida.

This was a Federal court case in Miami concerning two blocks of downtown Naples, Florida, which was owned by the Fleischman family of Ohio.  One of the family members engaged a Colorado developer to develop one of the blocks. 

A large sum of money was paid to the developer but he did nothing.  I was called to testify on the feasibility of what the developer was supposed to do. The case was won.

The Hanor Group, LLC
  • Assisting developers, retailers and landowners in the development & redevelopment of shopping centers.
  • Representing both landlords and tenants in all types of retail real estate endeavors.
  • Providing litigation consulting and litigation support and expert witness services

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